The Team

We evolve to stay ahead of the game driven by a core team that is diverse in skills and experience. 

Rebar D&D not only demands exceptional performances from our staff, but believe we must lead to achieve.

  • Ashwin Sabanayagam

    Ashwin Sabanayagam, the President of Rebar Design & Detail, holds a Bachelor's degree in Technology and a Master of Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Adept in advanced computer technology and modern business practices, Ashwin has realised his vision of leveraging Knowledge Processing Outsourcing to enable rebar fabricators, contractors and structural consultants achieve superior productivity with the company. In only a few years he has setup the ideal industry infrastructure by combining an accomplished technical team that exceeds the expectations of a growing global clientele. Under his direction, the Value Systems and Quality Assurance programs have taken shape, enabling the company to deliver on its assurances consistently.

    Ashwin Sabanayagam

    The President

  • Wayne Rhodes

    Wayne Rhodes is the Mentor of Rebar Design & Detail Inc., North America. He was Instrumental in establishing RD&D in 2008 and is currently associated in an Advisory, Rhodes is a Marketing and Management professional with 40 years of experience in the field of rebar detailing, backed by an Associate Degree in Business Administration.

    Wayne Rhodes

    Mentor - N. America

  • Jaemie Hutton

    Jaemie Hutton is the Vice President of Rebar Design & Detail (U.K.) Limited. An engineering professional with over 13 years of experience within the UK engineering industry, Hutton comes with an in-depth knowledge of civil and structural engineering, a passion for reinforced concrete detailing and exceptional drawing presentation skills. His accuracy for detail, communication proficiency and management aptitude are huge advantages to the company. This coupled with his extensive multi-disciplinary experience gives Hutton an edge in understanding clients' specific requirements which enables Rebar D&D to provide the best detailing services. Hutton holds workmanship in the highest regard and continually proves its importance with his style of management.

    Jaemie Hutton

    Vice President - United Kingdom

  • Ganeshraj

    Ganeshraj is the Senior Vice President and Chief Business Development Officer of Rebar Design and Detail (P) Ltd, India. He manages the daily operations of the Detailing Team. A Civil Engineer, Ganeshraj has 20 years of experience in the field of Rebar Detailing and Estimating as well as sound knowledge of Detailing standards from U.S, U.K, UAE, South Africa & Canada. This helps him ensure that communication from customers is interpreted correctly and quality drawings are delivered every time. He travels extensively and interacts with Fabricators/Installers to understand their specific requirements as well.

    An adept professional credited with great people management and marketing skills; Ganeshraj is in charge of various other aspects including scheduling, submitting and documenting the client contracts. His strength lies in seeking out opportunities that the organization and the client can benefit from.


    Senior Vice President - India

  • Israel Solano Trujillo

    Israel Solano Trujillo has joined Rebar D&D as a Detailer / Project Manager, overseeing our Post-Tensioning Detailing and Estimating division. He comes to us with 24 years of experience in the US Post-Tensioning Detailing and Fabrication industry. He manages a team of trained detailers and estimators ensuring uncompromised quality PT Shop drawings as well as coordination with our customers.

    Israel Solano Trujillo

    Project Manager / Detailer Post-Tensioning - N. America

  • Kristopher Eichman

    Kris Eichman has 23 years of experience in the Rebar Detailing and the Fabrication industry and prior to joining Rebar D&D he had started out his career at Nucor at their Bethlehem, Pennsylvania branch. Eichman has Vast experience in detailing / fabrication for the North-East as well South-East markets and he is especially very strong in project management while working with contractors across the board.

    Kristopher Eichman

    Regional Project Manager - East Coast - N. America

  •  Katrena Redfearn

    Katrena Redfearn is the Administrative Manager at Rebar Design and Detail Inc. Redfearn has a very impressive and diverse background as she has worked with multiple companies in various roles for longer periods of time. Redfearn was last with Gerdau at their Charlotte location in an Administrative role and therefore understands the Detailing field especially Invoicing, Change Orders and raising of RFI's. She has also manages Detailing projects and well versed with the aSa program.

    Katrena Redfearn

    Administrative Manager - N. America

  • Ambika

    Ambika is a Deputy General Manager at Rebar Design & Detail UK Ltd, with a collective experience of more than 20 years in RC Detailing in the U.K, South Africa, U.S. and India. Capable and especially familiar with UK Detailing Standards for undertaking all RC elements from the foundation stage to multi-storeyed buildings, including complicated structures; Ambika is a thorough professional having worked with Waterman UK prior to joining Rebar D&D.


    Deputy General Manager - UK RC Detailing - India

The Team

We evolve to stay ahead of the game driven by a core team that is diverse in skills and experience. 

Rebar D&D not only demands exceptional performances from our staff, but believe we must lead to achieve.

  • Rajendran Sabanayagam is the Chief Mentor of Rebar Design & Detail. A former senior consultant with McKinsey & Company in New York; Sabanayagam adds in 36 years of valuable and varied experience. His role as the Angel Investor and Venture Capitalist for Rebar D&D has facilitated it to invest in a robust infrastructure and attract the best talent in the field from across the nation. With a trained eye on the future of the business, his outlook is one of achieving a holistic difference in the services rendered. Rajendran Sabanayagam holds a Bachelor of Technology Degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras; a Master of Science Degree in the field of Engineering from Columbia University, New York and a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University, New York.

  • Adam Saulter is the Vice President of Rebar Design & Detail Inc., North America. He is an In charge of the daily operations of the company. Saulter is a Project Management professional with 15 years of experience in the Rebar industry, He started out in Atlanta as a Detailer till he transitioned into Senior Project Manager before being shifted to the Technical Resource Center at Commercial Metal Company Charlotte, NC. His distinct ability is to manage communication between the clients (fabricators), contractors/structural engineers and detailers, which enables the company to provide proficient Rebar Detailing Services and make sure that time is managed effectively. His expertise and extensive knowledge in Detailing, Fabrication, and Placement of Rebar is unique and well known to the detailing industry especially at Gerdau. Saulter's role at Rebar D&D aids the company greatly with its expansion plans. Every client is important to us and Saulter' commitment represents Rebar D&D's dedication to remain steadfast in building bonds that last.

    Adam Saulter

    Vice President - N. America

  • Matthew Kelly is the Director of Estimating Services at Rebar Design and Detail Inc., North America. With 25 years of experience in rebar estimating and detailing, Kelly leads the Estimation Team that produces accurate numbers; on schedule, for associates. His precision skills are only superseded by his enthusiasm to initiate better ways to get the job done. Prior to joining the team at Rebar in 2016, Kelly has extensive experience working in New York City, Washington D.C., Boston and Philadelphia as well as other regions of North America.

    Matthew Kelly

    Director - Estimating Services - N. America

  • Sekar is the Vice President of Rebar Design and Detail (P) Ltd, India. The responsibility of being a key contributor to the company's growth is a sizeable one but Sekar plays his role with ease. Infrastructure development, identifying the right personnel, employee welfare and safety aspects are his additional duties along with handling overall administration. With over 17 years of experience in the rebar detailing industry, he has worked on major projects in the U.S., U.A.E. and Canada.

    Sekar also ensures that shop drawings are prepared according to client standards for efficient functioning and oversees the working of Project Managers on various jobs. A firm believer in timely communication; he is involved with all the functions including project detailing, fabrication, correspondence with clients and delivery.


    Vice President - India

  • Preston Wells is a Regional Project Manager and one of the newest additions to the Rebar D&D family, having joined in the latter half of 2018. Wells has experience of nearly 11 years in CMC Rebar which is now the largest Fabrication Company in the United States. Along with expertise in the Production and Estimation fields with other local fabricators in Charlotte, Wells' knowledge of the East Coast market; being accustomed to aggressive schedules and developing a close working relationship with production and project site crews, gives him a great edge in the business. 

    Preston Wells

    Regional Project Manager - N. America

  • Tabita Birau joined as a Project Manager adding a local presence in the West Coast market which is quite different from the rest of the country as it is primarily a furnished and install market while also being a seismic region. Birau has many years of experience in large fabrication companies prior to joining Rebar D&D and she currently manages multiple detailing teams overseas while also coordinating with project managers on the client side as well as the foreman in the job sites.

    Tabita Birau

    Project Manager - N. America

  • Latha is the Deputy General Manager in the Small Order Division of Rebar Design and Detail (P) Ltd, India. She has over 22 years of experience in rebar detailing having worked on various projects from the U.S., U.K, UAE and Canada.

    Latha manages small scale detailing projects which require quick turnaround times. Her skills lie in ensuring the execution of job sizes from 0.1 to 50 tonnes in a matter of hours. Latha specialises in job allocations to various teams in small order division by conducting combined project studies and quality analysis checks for drawings, as well as guiding detailers on standards of detailing and coordinating with the global US office.


    Deputy General Manager - Small Scale Projects - India